Baked multigrain cheeseburger quesadillas

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Price includes shopping, all groceries, cooking, and cleanup:

  • "Family size" dinners serve 2 adults plus 2-4 kids
  • "2-person size" dinners serve 2 adults

A lighter take on a cheeseburger, this baked quesadilla is stuffed with fresh ground beef, tomatoes and cheese.

INGREDIENTS (not in order of quantity)
MAIN: ground beef, light olive oil, pepper, salt, roma tomato, shredded cheddar cheese, multigrain tortilla
SIDE (Corn, Black Bean & Tomato Salad): 
black beans, light olive oil, orange, pepper, salt, roma tomato, honey, minced garlic, whole kernel corn, yellow onion, rice vinegar, fresh cilantro
emony cucumber & tomato salad): lemon, light olive oil, pepper, salt, roma tomato, italian seasoning, minced garlic, yellow onion, cucumber
rispy red cabbage salad): honey, minced garlic, seedless grapes (red), walnuts (chopped), soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, fresh flat parsley, mandarin oranges (canned), red cabbage

Cuisines: All, Kid-friendly