When a friend is in need, everyone asks, "How can I help?"


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"I recently had a death in the family and received Dinner Elf as a gift from several families. It was a Godsend! And much easier on the families who wanted to help us out than each of them cooking and delivery meals to us." - Margo W


"This service is AWESOME! We used it for a friend who'd recently had surgery..I created the meal fundraising site in a couple of minutes...and by that evening had funds pouring in from our friends and family. SOOOO EASY!" - Robert P




Watch a Dinner Elf

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Q: What if I already have a meal calendar?
A: Add our link to your existing calendar as another option for busy or out-of-town friends.

Q: Is a group page better than gift cards?
A: Yes, if multiple people are giving (easier for everyone).

Q: How does my friend order?
A: He or she will receive a code.

Q: Where does the Elf cook?
A: In the recipient's home (most common), a friend, or neighbor. We don't offer delivery.

Q: Can I get Dinner Elf?
A: You bet. See our home page for details.

More questions? See our full FAQ.