Dinner Elf Ambassador

Who We Are
We are Dinner Elf, the best way to stock you fridge with affordable, homemade dinners. Serving Austin since 2014, our personal chefs cook in the homes of busy families, new moms, elderly, out-patients, and anyone who wants some help in the kitchen. 

Who We Are Looking For
You are a natural networker and sales person. You enjoy standing in front of an audience and talking about things you love. You personally understand the pain point of our customers (getting healthy, home cooked food on the table) and want to help them by sharing the magic of Dinner Elf.

You will speak at gatherings of moms, working mom support groups, real estate agents, health care providers, attorneys, and other groups that fit one of our target customer profiles. You'll coordinate partnerships with local non-profit organizations in Austin, like the Breast Cancer Resource Center and Mothers of Multiples.

You'll be compensated through a combination of getting your own Dinner Elf, commission, and salary. This can be a part-time or full-time position (we're flexible). Skip the grocery shopping, dinner planning, cooking, and cleanup -- and help others do the same.

Email us and explain why you'd be a great fit.